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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hartal in Bangladesh Recent Photo-22/09/2011

<>Bangladesh Haratal news Photo and Police action

Arrest of the opposition party called for a comprehensive communication across the country. SPECIAL marches and picketing on behalf of the various district headquarters to the police has detained hundreds of netakarmike. Several injured in police laticarje. The tail of the procession to the city of Rangpur district failed to sell. The prevailing tension in the extreme. The city has a large number of riot police were deployed. 6 at the College of Arts biema rights marches led by BNP leader Khaleda Rahman Video saraoyara the time to prepare their rout of the police. The city police arrested a BNP leader Abul Kalam netakarmike sahinasaha 16. Morning at Khulna BNP march atataya prastutikale police continued their attack on the stampede. The former leader of the police must sekendara At the police station to be detained in netakarmike dalimasaha 17. Tension prevailing in the city. The position of the members of harsh ainasrnkhala piketarara points up a bank of Rajshahi. Metropolitan Health Service in the morning of the party's access to the minu netakarmi malopara some areas of the face in the police barriers. Meanwhile, around the whole city haratalake has been deployed across large numbers of police and RAB. SPECIAL different routes due to traffic movement has stopped, but the normal train traffic. July, 8 AM to city's four-party coalition of picketing Links netakarmira position. At the first rally of the police and ambarakhana jindabajara barred. At the rally stampede. BNP rally in the city sakalei jindabajara. However, the city of South Surma, sibaganja, rikabibajara and akhaliya crash in procession to the customer - camp staff. They tire of the street puriyeche Links. Links by all the major city somewhere, but not deployed the news could not be found offensive. Bitana off all of the city market. The court office is open to people with low attendance.South Surma central bus terminal or bus to chareni durapallara.Rail and air traffic has been normal. Dinajapure foster peaceful and communication. Hijacked off because of the hili sthalabandare import - export activities. Paraya enclosed van truck with some flour.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Police and Jamat e Islami conflict at Dhaka in Bangladesh-19/09/2011-Photo-Picture-issu caretaker government movement

Bangladesh Jamat Islami aginest police action photo and news

amaat-e-Islami has been widespread across the country Showdown. Protest marches of their staff - gathering heat of the political spectrum took. Conflict, violence has become the ranaksetre outside the city of Dhaka and Dhaka. 30 out of 15 car fires across the country and the United States bhanacura the customer staff.During a police confrontation rubber bullets, tear the shell ejection and lathicarja. Central Office of the Secretary General of Islami magabajarastha evening to charge ATM ajaharula, the publicity secretary Prof. arrested across the country have been at least 150 netakarmi alamasaha tasanima. Have been injured in the two hundreds. The Acting Secretary-General of New ajaharula by the arrest of the party's news conference, claimed that moment, during demonstrations across the country netakarmi 400 injured, and has been arrested netakarmike 600-700. The group nayebe Maulana Amir Hossain delaoyara Sign Up to start protesting against the war crimes trial of the case last Thursday, two days of protests against the customer. The first day of the year capital program is the most conflict kakaraila - platoon area. Two ghantabyapi pulisasaha injured 50 people in this conflict. The platoon of Motijheel thana police arrested a 67 netakarmike. The platoon of 44 people the police station, Ramna thana police arrested one of the ones Shahbagh police station. Outside the capital, Chittagong, Comilla, Bogra, Kushtia, jhinaidaha, Barisal, Moulvibazar, rajasahisaha country where violence has been different.Kakaraila - front platoon area, the police, with customer reviews - Search Store kakaraila, Vijayanagara, Shantinagar and paltanasaha ranaksetre the area becomes. The pulisasaha hundreds injured. List of Free - Search 67 people. Buy - sibirakarmira five police car and a number of garisaha 15 is burnt in a motorcycle. Free - Camp, and the police, throwing bricks and brickbats in the area, some paltapalti dokanapata, Banks - Insurance office is damaged. Nearly two out ghantabyapi conflict.5pm till 7pm, although the conflict closed the area until the situation is not normal. Vehicles on the road bhanacura, agnisanyoga, lathisota, brick - bat, etc., due to the traffic stop. See all the area surrounding the junction of the lane. Predicted at 3 p.m. at the program as part of a protest rally started from the junction of the kakaraila. The noon news to a few of the area, the location of the police and the newsman said. The cinema and hotels to kakaraila rajamani dupurera rajamani isakhamra around customer - Viewed as one of the very few that are available. 3 to 57 p.m. in the office, from minute to kakaraila muphidula anajumane junction and the customer - sibirakarmira naraye takabira - Allah Akbar, the procession began to sound. Extent, is not going to continue to rally despite the police. Witnesses told police the Armed Career Person (episi) tiyaragyasera shell's throw from the customer - to sibirakarmidera disorder. But now it comes around michilakarira.They do it - and the police on the raid of the club tarakamtara lathisota Street Islanders. The two-party fight. The hundreds of tear shell, sataganera over the word can be heard. However, the police attack on the customer - sibirakarmira their back to carry out counter-attack. 10-15 minutes, the two parties after a tempestuous conflict of self-defense to stop the police from different galipathe seen. The customer - sibirakarmira kakaraila, Shantinagar, bijayanagarasaha take control of the whole area. It was then that they have been bhanacura. Has agnisanyoga. They are, respectively, the Dhaka Metro Police pikaapa 3 - 5 -050 V, the Metro - l -140684, the Metro - one of the -11 to 096 prijanabhyana, phalguna, good morning and sayedabada gabatali passenger buses burnt in line 9. There are several motarasaikeleo agnisanyoga. Note the absence of about one hour from the eastern Vijayanagara water tyanki kakaraila mosque, north of junction of Shantinagar rampage through the streets, they carry out. Links to a police, fire kakaraila michilakarira butheo. Free - Search the rampage during a police attempt to continue without phamke phamke hate going there again. Approximately one hour rajapathe Free - Search rampage after getting into the police five Shantinagar p.m. - kakarailasaha different lane to come out. Most of the Games. However, leave the highway at the time michilakarira which can be moved. Then the police started the search. At one point the police carry out a group of Islamic banks in the Central Hospital. The administrative head of the hospital Dr. Hafizur Rahman and a number of people detained in police treatment of patients can be found in the complaint. Facts about dayitbarata a police officer, a tear shell and rubber bullets in the room has been the face of our death. Resent the official said, sometimes it is not possible to control the thousands of people. I need more heavy firearms. He said the Jamaat - sibirakarmira tear shell and rubber buletake did not fly right. But after the police raid on the face of recipient. People coming back home after five p.m. The office also has been the face of adversity. After the police closed the entire area of ​​the incident. The customer - Viewed on suspicion of some that they were detained in the back office to be known.
Osisaha 46 police injured in police platoon members: Track workers clashed with police, police platoon member osisaha total of 46 police injured. Osira name and get injured. Rajarabaga injured by police members have been admitted to hospital. In the evening, where you can go back to their home minister Sahara Khatun

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tourist Places Of Bangladesh- The Historical Places-Pundra-Paharpur-Lalbagh fort-Karjan Hall-Dhaka City

Tourist palace Bangladesh and Historical Place Photo

The historical place of Bogra named "Pundra" is known and famous as an old city of 2500 years. It Has a museum and attractive locations to explore.

"Paharpur" of Rajshahi, "Moynamoti" of Comilla, "shatt Gombuj Masjid" of Bagerhatare the other historical places for historical importance and archeological exploration.

A visitor can enjoy the beauty of Dhaka -the capital of the country. National Parliament building "Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban" designd by Louis I Kahn of USA is the pride of the country. A nice river "Buriganga" and visiting "Karjan Hall", S M Hall, Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan monjil can bring the tourist to the romantic atmosphere where modern architecture intermingles pre modernism and middle age. Rickshaw is a rare human howler in the world riding on it is enjoyable.